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About GCA Lawyers

In the last 25 years GCA Lawyers has successfully conducted many prominent cases in New Zealand. Such outcomes are attributable to the blended application of strategic, legal and innovation skills. Such cases involve a spectrum of issues ranging from complex commercial or property cases through banking and insolvency to a full range of contract, tort and equity matters. We have also had particular involvement in human rights, intellectual property, venture capital and corporate disputes.

Given ‘access to the courts’ constraints, we emphasise alternative methods for resolving disputes and our media management and political lobbying experience often aid in achieving outcomes where the legal process may not have been timely, cost effective or even successful.

We retain strong links with outside specialists in a range of disciplines whereby key skills can be quickly brought into tailored project teams.

We have also been involved in a broad range of commercial matters, often achieving successful outcomes against the odds by thinking differently than other lawyers. Although we're not afraid of a fight and have been successful in many, we don't work only on contentious matters. Our commercial work also involves everything from large scale commercial and debt structuring, business and share sales and purchases, forestry through to a full range of property matters. 

Although a lawyer’s fundamental contributions to the client relationship are competence, integrity and sound judgment, GCA Lawyers believes more is required in a world of accelerating change. In applying an innovative perspective to client needs, the firm consistently delivers desired results and value. As a consequence, the firm has a track record of ‘thinking outside the square’ and of producing results where others couldn’t.

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